New name. New logo. Same mission.

Mitigation Management is now Blueway!

Who We Are

Mitigation Management is a total solution for environmental mitigation needs. Our principals have 35 years of combined experience in mitigation credit sales, ecosystem restoration, and environmental market analysis.

We believe that the natural environment is our most valuable asset. The natural environment connects and supports us in ways that we are not capable of replicating. It is the foundation upon which our economies are built and is critical to ensuring our own sustainability. It compels our attention, study, and appreciation. We believe that properly valuing the natural environment is the key to its restoration, protection, and ability to support our continued existence.

  • We seek partnering organizations that share this appreciation of the natural environment and believe that leveraging the work of each other will lead to more meaningful benefits for these places and ourselves. Team members that feel drawn to these places on a personal level and want to feel inspired by their work. Landowners that know and love their land and community members that appreciate their greenspaces.

  • We work with governmental agencies that regulate these important resources to align our interests, learn from each other's experiences, and permit implementation of our projects.